Meeting 3


Meeting number:


Dates and venue :

21-23 September 2021 in Istanbul, Turkey

Description of the meeting (including the need for the meeting):

Training of “SDOP Ambassadors” with the aim to train 16 ambassadors on the “Modular Doping-education Program“ and how to apply the theoretical and interactive practical sessions targeting the 5 key aspects:

  1. General overview of the doping,
  2. Steroids,
  3. Stimulants,
  4. Anabolic steroids and
  5. Values in and through sport.

Hosting organization and the number of participants:

Turkish Sports Foundation (Turkey)

Participating organizations and the number of participants per each of them :

Bulgarian Swimming Federation (Bulgaria)
Sport Algés e Dafundo (Portugal)
Fundación Universidad Isabel I (Spain)
Naoussa Swim Club (Greece)
Otrè Triathlon Team Associazione Sportiva Dilettantistica (Italy)
Swedish Sports Confederation Vasterbotten (Sweden)
Champions Factory Ireland Limited (Ireland)