Multiplier Sport Event 1


Event number:


Event’s title and type:

Multiplier of “Modular Doping-education Program“

Start and end date:

1 March – 29 May 2021



Leading organization:

Bulgarian Swimming Federation

Participating organization(s):

Bulgarian Swimming Federatio

Intellectual output(s) covered:

IO2 “Modular Doping-education Program“

Event description:

Piloting of the “Modular Doping-education Program“ is the Intellectual output 2 which aims to have theoretical and interactive practical sessions targeting the 5 key aspects:

  1. General overview of the doping,
  2. Steroids,
  3. Stimulants,
  4.  Anabolic steroids and
  5.  Values in and through sport. Participating at least 30 swimmers aged 10-18years old will be involved.


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