Multiplier Sport Event 6


Event number:


Event’s title and type:

Stop Doping – Swim Fair! Modular Doping-Education Program Multiplier Sport Event Fui1

Start and end date:

2nd of November 2021


Universidad Isabel I

C/Fernán González 76

09003 Burgos


Be Up Sports Burgos

C/Merindad de Cuesta Urria 10

09001 Burgos

Leading organization:

Fundación Universidad Isabel I

Participating organization(s):

Intellectual output(s) covered:


Event description:

  • Presentation of the “Stop Doping Swim Fair!” Project and of the fundamental aspects of doping.
  • Workshop in two groups. Creation of posters for a deeper understanding of the most common doping substances as well as their use and effects on the human body:
    •  Stimulants
    •  Anabolic steroids
    •  Hormones.
    • Diuretics
  • Swimming fun competition session in two groups.
  • Group exposition grupal of the posters created by the participants in the main hall of the university for a greater visibility of the topic of doping.
  • Kahoot! Evaluation questionnaire in order to deepen the acquired knowledge on doping.
  • Discussion round on the use of doping.


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