Multiplier Sport Event 9


Event number:


Event’s title and type:

Multiplier of “Modular Doping-education Program“

Start and end date:

1-3 August 2021


Cannakkale, Turkey

Leading organization:

Turkish Sport Foundation

Participating organization(s):

Bulgarian Swimming Federation (Bulgaria)

Sport Algés e Dafundo (Portugal)
Turkish Sports Foundation (Turkey)

Naoussa Swim Club (Greece)
Otrè Triathlon Team Associazione Sportiva Dilettantistica (Italy)
Fundación Universidad Isabel I (Spain)

Swedish Sports Confederation Vasterbotten (Sweden)

Champions Factory Ireland Limited (Ireland)

Intellectual output(s) covered:

IO1 SDOP Comprehensive Research

IO2 “Modular Doping-education Program“

IO3 SDOP guidelines Manual

Event description:

Multiplier Awareness rising during the TROYA Race 2021 in Canakkale (Turkey) in August 2021. Throughout this event, we aim to reach wide public of swimmers and relevant stakeholders. Every year in August, the Turkish Sport Foundation in cooperation with the authorities in Canakkale, organise the TROYA race across the Canakkale in Asia to Hellespont Eceabat in Europe. Rich in history, the Dardanelles straits to the Turks, or the Hellespont to the Greeks, is one of the most important stretches of water in the world. Linking the Aegean to the Sea of Marmara and then via the Bosporus and the Dead Sea to the Mediterranean, the Hellespont’s role as an international waterway has given it strategic importance for centuries. The site of the Trojan war, the battle of Gallipoli and many many more dramatic battles, blockades and treaties, that’s where 300 swimmers were heading to race. Every year there is limit of 500 International Swimmers and 500 national swimmers, who are divided in 12 different categories, starting from 10years old. In parallel to this event we will organise Awareness rising activity reaching a wide public. We will bring experts from Federations, Coaches, Volunteers, Media, SDOP Ambassadors, and Swimmers from all partner countries. Our philosophy is not to just educate, but to provoke the spread of education, thus provoking a ripple effect. Considering these innovative features “SDOP“ project proposal will have a strong impact towards the intended target groups.


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